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Policies and Procedures

Below is a brief description of some of our Policies and Procedures for the nursery. In the entrance of each of the nurseries, we keep our full ‘Policies and Procedures’ in our Operational Plan folder for parents to view if they wish:

Little Marvels Policies Index:
1. Accident and First Aid Policy
2. Administration of Medication and Storage Policy 
3. Admissions Policy 
4. Alcohol and Other Substances Policy 
5. Allergy Management Policy 
6. Anti-Bullying Policy 
7. Asthma Management Policy
8. Baby-Sitting Policy
9. Behaviour Management Policy
10. Biting Policy 
11. Bottle Feeding, Soothers and Supplying Breast Milk Policy
12. British Values and Prevent Duty Policy
13. Child Attendance Policy 
14. Code of Conduct Policy
15. Concerns and Complaints Policy
16. Confidentiality Policy 
17. DBS (Disclosure and Barring System) Policy
18. Emergency Evacuation Policy 
19. Emotional Health and Well-Being Policy
20. EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Policy 
21. Fees and Non-Payment of Fees Policy
22. Health and Safety Policy 
23. Healthy Eating and Nutrition Policy 
24. Hygiene Policy
25. Incident Policy
26. Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Policy
27. Information Sharing and Data Protection Confidentiality/GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Policy 
28. Key Person Policy
29. Late Collection of Child Policy
30. Lost or Uncollected Child Policy 
31. Meal and Snack Time Policy 
32. Medication and Illness Policy
33. Mobile Phone Usage Policy
34. No Smoking Policy
35. Observation, Assessment and Planning Policy 
36. Outings and Visits Policy
37. Partnership with Parents, Guardians and Carers Policy
38. Personal and Intimate Care Policy 
39. Pet and Animal Care Policy 
40. Safeguarding and Welfare Policy 
41. Settling-In Policy 
42. Sleep and Daytime Rest Policy
43. Social Networking Policy 
44. Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy
45. Staff Disciplinary Policy 
46. Staff Roles, Responsibilities, Training and Professional Development Policy 
47. Staff Supervision and Appraisal Policy 
48. Student Placement Policy
49. Sun Care Policy 
50. Supporting Separated Families Policy 
51. Transition Policy
52. Whistle-Blowing Policy