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Our Vision, Aims and Values

At Little Marvels, we strive to provide high-quality activities, opportunities and experiences for all the children in our care. We believe in working in close partnership with all our children and their families, to provide a high standard of care, enjoyment, fun, play, learning and development.

We believe our vision, values and aims will benefit our working positively together; ensuring Little Marvels provides a great start in life for the children in our care. We take every opportunity to reflect on how we can continue to improve our services for our children and families. If there are times when issues may be raised by our families, who may be concerned for one reason or another, we will listen, support and do our best to help to resolve the situation through the vast pool of resources and services we are able to access, as a committed early year’s services provider. 

We value the importance of ongoing parental feedback to continually improve our services, as well as recognising the valuable contribution of our staff team. As a company of dedicated individuals, we will continue to develop our own skills through accredited learning and training in partnership with Rowensbrook Training and Development Ltd. We believe that ‘learning through play’ provides the very best foundations for early development and we encourage natural curiosity to drive child-led learning.

We value effective team working and fostering good relationships with everyone in our Little Marvels Community, and our values are based on what we believe to be the important building blocks of a successful nursery:

Our Little Marvels Children

  • We respect and value the importance of a 'child-centred' approach in all our nursery settings, their environments and the care provided within them. We recognise that each and every child should be respected as an individual and their individual needs and interests are central to their care, learning and development.

  • We recognise and value the impact of early childhood experiences and value the rights and wellbeing of the children in our care. Their right to play, learn and grow is always a consideration as are the principles and practices we follow under the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (2021), which we follow

Our Little Marvels Families

  • We respect and value the importance of working in partnership with parents and families to support the wellbeing of the children in our care. We appreciate the diversity and needs of modern family life, and we will always aim to ensure we can be flexible to meet those needs and support families inclusively.

  • We recognise the contribution families can make to improve our nursery services. We rely on feedback from our key stakeholders to reflect upon our practice and evaluate our current service offer. We welcome change, development and growth and respectfully value the ideas, suggestions and comments our families can make towards our developments.

Our Little Marvels Staff 

  • We respect and value the wellbeing of our staff and appreciate the knowledge and skills they bring to the team as individuals. We aim to support their continuous professional development, from our staff who join as apprentices, nursery assistants, nursery officers.

  • We recognise and consider the views and opinions of our staff to continually improve our service for both staff and children.


    Our aim is to provide a positive environment and deliver a great service to our children, families and staff.

Delivering Excellence 

  • We aim to provide a safe and stimulating indoor environment for children to learn and discover through child-led, free play.

  • We aim to provide regular access to quality outdoor learning experiences in a safe environment. Children will be supported to risk assess their own play to help develop their independence and promote early leadership skills.

  • We aim to provide high-quality interactions between the children and staff. 

  • Children are encouraged to develop strong positive relationships with the practitioners to promote security and attachment.

Working Positively

  • We aim to work in partnership with parents and families during their journey through the nursery.

  • We aim to communicate effectively with parents through regular updates, social events and 'stay and play' sessions in the nursery.

  • We aim to work in collaboration with local partners to share practice and knowledge to continually improve our service.

Supporting Others

  • We aim to provide regular access to continuous professional development opportunities for our staff to continually improve their knowledge and skills, which are supported through continuous professional development opportunities.

  • We aim to provide a positive working environment for our staff by gaining regular feedback from all our staff to continually improve our service.