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Inclusion: Supporting Children with Special Needs

At Little Marvels Nursery Services, we believe that ALL children have the right to access provision, which supports them to be cared for, and enabled to reach their full potential.  

Each and every child deserves has a right to thrive through positive experiences, enabling them to share those opportunities as they develop and ‘experience’ nurturing environments – which embrace and engage their needs. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children with additional needs are supported through carefully planned activities and interventions, according to their individual requirements. 

Little Marvels believes that all children have a right to experience and develop their own skills alongside their peers, regardless of their individual needs. Each child’s needs are unique, therefore any attempt to categorise children is inappropriate. We are committed to working alongside parents and external agencies in the provision of a child’s individual needs, to enable them to develop and reach their full potential.  When a child joins us, who has a specific need and/or disability, we will make reasonable adjustments where necessary - if not already in place, to enable each child to make full use of the nursery’s facilities. 

We feel it is critical to our duty of care, to find out as much as possible about a particular child’s requirements and the way we may need to address their learning or care needs by: 

  • Liaising with the child’s parents and carers. 
  • Liaising with any professional and external agencies. 
  • Reading and responding to any reports that have been prepared. 
  • Attending any review meetings with the local authority/professionals as required. 
  • Regularly monitoring observations; which are consistently carried out to support and promote the child’s development. 
  • All children will be given a full settling in period, when joining the nursery according to their individual needs. 

Inclusion funding from the London Borough of Hillingdon, is available for children with special educational needs or a disability who may need to attend registered and approved childcare settings. The funding is solely intended, to provide for changes and adaptations to the setting’s usual service, to enable access to children with specific and additional needs. 

Please call Lisa-Marie Kearne on 07984075102 or email to discuss your requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate your child’s needs and/or at the very least, point you in the direction of further assistance.